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Assalamualaikum warahmatullah and salam sejahatera.

Welcome to SMART Stormwater Control Center Portal.

SMART was conceived as an innovative solution to alleviate the annual flood threat to the Kuala Lumpur City Center. Commissioned at a time when the frequency of floods was on the rise, SMART has proved to be a timely engineering intervention. Since it began operations in June 2007, the SMART Stormwater Control Center has activated the stormwater diversion system over 200 times in response to high river flows. In 2012 alone, the SMART Control Center experienced three MODE 4 storm events, each with the capacity to flood the city center. Every event had taught us lessons and broadened our experience in the handling of this unique flood management system that has become the nation’s icon of engineering.


While the SMART Stormwater Control Centre works to reduce the flood risk in the city, we wish we could do more to reduce the rubbish in the rivers. Each flood event brings with it tonnes of rubbish that have been indiscriminately thrown into the rivers and these rubbish ends up at the trash screens protecting SMART’s intake gates. The Government could save a fair bit in public funds if people are more responsible about disposing their household rubbish. Nonetheless, we at the SMART Stormwater Control Centre will continue to play our part in making the Klang River clean while keeping constant watch on the river flows and incoming storms as entrusted to us.

Thank You.

Ir Amiruddin b Alaldin




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