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Operation of SMART

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The SMART Control Centre of DID located at Kampung Berembang, Ampang is responsible for the '24 hour/ 7 day' operation of SMART.

The 3km road road section within the 9.7 km storwater tunnel is managed by Motorway Control Center(MCC), of  Syarikat Mengurus Air Banjir dan Terowong Sdn. Bhd. (SMABT) at SMART MCC at Bulatan Kampung Pandan.


The Operation of SMART are categorised into 4 modes in accordance to the severity of storm events:

Mode 1

  • when weather is fair with little of no rain
  • traffic is allowed in the tunnel

Mode 2

  • activated when moderate rain falls and the flow rate recorded at the confluence of upper Sg. Klang/Sg. Ampang ('L4' flow station) is 70-150 m3/s.
  • excess flood water will be diverted to SMART holding pond and only the lower drain of tunnel will be used to convey flood flow to the Taman Desa attenuation pond. 50 m3/s will be discharged to the City Centre.
  • Road traffic tunnel will remain opened to road users.

Mode 3

  • activated when major storm event occurs and flood model forecasts a flow rate of 150 m3/s or more at L4. Only 10 m3/s will be discharged to the City Centre
  • traffic will be evacuated from the road tunnel.
  • if heavy rain storm stops early or due to some specific circumstances, then the traffic tunnel will not be flooded.
  • road tunnel will be re-opened to traffic within 2-8 hours after closure.

Mode 4

  • activated is heavy rain storm prolongs, usially will be confirmed 1-2 hour after Mode 3 is declared
  • road tunnel will be used for passage of flood flow after traffic evacuation completed
  • road tunnel will be re-opened to traffic within 4 days of closure.

Operations Modes of the SMART Tunnel




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